Single Payer Action


There are many groups working tirelessly to secure single payer in the United States. This page lists some of those.

If you would like to add a single payer group to this list, send us an e-mail.



Americans Abroad for Single Payer

American Patients United

California Nurses Association


Cape Care Coalition

Chicago Single Payer Action

Everybody In Utah

HR 676

Health Care for All California

Health Care for All Colorado

Health Care for All North Carolina

Health Care for All Pennsylvania

Health Care for All Texas

Health Care for All Utah

Health Care for All Washington

Health Care Now

Health Care Now Maryland

Kansas Health Care for All

Illinois Single Payer Coalition

Labor for Single Payer

Leadership Conference for

Guaranteed Health Care

Mad As Hell Doctors


Medicare for All

Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition

Mobilize for Health Care

Montanans for Single Payer

One Payer.Net

Our Ailing Health Care

Physicians for a National Health Program

Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition

Public Citizen

Single Payer Action Network Madison

Single Payer Action Network Ohio

Single Payer Central

Single Payer Michigan

Single Payer New York

Single Payer Now

Unions for Single Payer Health Care

United for National Health Care

Vermont Health Care for All

Voting Bloc

Western Penn Coalition for Single Payer




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